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Are you one of the thousands of people who harbor the secret dream of becoming a professional writer?

Are you eager to learn how to write a novel or a screenplay?

How to start it, outline it, and, most of all,
how to get it published or produced?

Well, we’re here to help.

We’ve gathered some of the finest writers in the business – novelists, screenwriters, and other professionals – who have worked for years to develop their own personal shortcuts to success.

What’s more, they’re eager to share their secrets
with you and teach you how to join their ranks!

When it comes to novels, there are many different genres in the marketplace today:
romance novels, literary novels, thrillers, suspense novels, crime novels.

And there are just as many options for screenwriters:
romantic comedy, broad comedy, domestic drama,
horror movies, historical epics, and more.

By using the links below you can find writers who will help you to tackle the precise niche you’re interested in. You’ll learn novel writing tips from the pros.

You’ll find novel writing software and other programs that will help to make the writing easy and fun. You’ll find screenwriting advice and tools to help you fashion that blockbuster you’ve got brewing in your head.

Once you’ve actually written your magnum opus, you’ll want to get it published or produced. And we’ve got the links to help you here as well.

With a little determination – and a host of tips from our professional writers – your dreams will become a reality.
You’ll be a published writer, or your movie will be playing at your local theater.

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I have many websites related to books and self publishing, so I decided to add a place to add authors pages, all on the front pages of all these websites.

openbookfestival.info PR6

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Contact me of you would like to have your authors page or website related to books, and self publishing added to these website.
There will be a small fee for this.

Easy To Self Publish

I’m not the best writer, nor the worse writer, not a great writer of words, nor a bad writer of words, but a writer of truth, to the point, and from the heart! Anyone can write if they write of truth, and from the heart. I hope to encourage everyone to write…

When I first started to think about self publishing, I had no idea of what to do, so I read and read, and read some more. I read so much online that I was sick of reading. The truth is, if you don’t read, you won’t learn what you need to know.

I have self published 14 books now with more on the way. I watched them each day to see if any had sold. It’s like watching time going by real slow.

Go to http://www.johnlbrown.com for my personal page with all my titles, and publishing help, or go to http://www.publishingfaq.com, for help with all your self publishing needs, and more.

A Few Brief Tips To Deal With Writing Rejection

A Few Brief Tips To Deal With Writing Rejection 
by: Laura Hickey

What to do when you get rejected.

You’ve just finished your book, sent out query letters and was rejected. What’s left to do? You could give up, but I wouldn’t suggest this. Here’s some brief tips on how to deal with rejection.

1. Take a breather-

You’ve probably been wondering and rattling your brain as to why you got rejected. Take a break, not a long one…some time for a breather. If you continue to constantly analyze why you were rejected, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Plus…if you decide after rejections to continue sending out new query letters, they may not be your best work. Why you ask? Because you may not produce your best work under all the stress you’ve put yourself under over the rejections. You wouldn’t want more rejections because you didn’t have the energy to send out your best sales pitch.
Self-esteem- Failure is not an option

You might be down in the dumps…this is understandable, but don’t allow yourself to be in the mood for too long. Have you had others read your work? Did they like it, love it? It’s a good idea to remember all the positives, rather than negatives. If everyone who didn’t get what they wanted the first time quit, do you know what we’d have? A bunch of failures. They aren’t failures though for not getting it for the first time, rather they are if they quit.
3. Motivation-

Think about your favorite movie, song or book. Now, what if they stopped trying? That favorite song, book or movie wouldn’t exist. If you give up, someone out there won’t have a chance to have your work as a favorite. Think about it.
Remember that rejection doesn’t have to be the end of your journey unless you let it be. Good Luck!

About the author: Laura Hickey is the children’s author of “Mysterious Chills and Thrills” Along with writing children’s stories…she also wrote for a sitcom pilot + episodes for a project called “Officially Lush” You can find Laura’s full bio and access her press kit on her homepage.

Articles – They Really Work

Articles – They Really Work
by: John Pierce

Several years ago I began an online business.

At the time, the field I was entering was not all that crowded, search engine algorithms were much easier to manipulate, and links from relevent sites were not too tough to come by.

In short – if you wanted traffic, and were willing to do a little footwork, you could get it.

Over the past few years, things have changed.

Almost by accident, I stumbled upon a method for increasing, quite dramatically, the number of visitors to my website.

It turns out that almost everybody can design a really cool website…but very few people can write an interesting article. Writing is not a skill which is crucial in todays world, and very few can do it well.

(I, on the other hand, have the opposite problem…it’s one of the few thing I can do well)

So, what is a webmaster to do if he wants to provide well written content to his visitors? Obviously, he needs to get somebody else to write it for him.

That leaves two options:

1. Pay cold hard cash to a professional writer.

2. Find a way to entice good writers to write good content for free.

3. Trade something of value for well written content.

My father once told me that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I believe he was correct, so option 2 is out.

That leaves paying or trading as the only viable options.

Most webmasters have opted for trading.

But what, you may ask, do they have to trade?

The trading arrangement which has evolved is one of wriiten content in exchange for a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are gold in today’s Internet economy. The more links a website has back to it, the higher it will rank in the search engines.

Therefore, if I, as a webmaster, can obtain several hundred relevent links to my website, my search engine rank goes way up, and I end up with a ton of visitors.

Do you see the possibilites? If you’re a decent writer, you can end up having your articles published all over the Internet, with hyperlinks galore pointing back to your website.

“But how” you ask, “do I hook up with website owners who will publish my articles?”.

Basically, there are several large article repositories online which will allow you to post your articles. Some of these are:

Go Articles
Article Beam
Article Factory
Ezine Articles

There are actually quite a few more, if you do a search in Google.

Write a few articles, post them, and see what happens!

Author Discovers That the Perfect Books to Sell Are Ones That Don’t Exist …Yet

Author Discovers That the Perfect Books to Sell Are Ones That Don’t Exist …Yet
by: Joseph Yakel

Storage space isn’t a problem at author Joseph Yakel’s New York home. In fact, he doesn’t anticipate it being a problem anytime in the future. Reason? Well, unlike some others, he doesn’t need to store large numbers of his available published works at home.

“Originally,” said Yakel, gesturing toward the modest number of books lining the library in his den, “I was concerned that the volume of my books might start to tax my storage capabilities.” While Yakel has opted to keep a few copies in his inner sanctum, many authors resort to maintaining a large inventory at home or may even rent storage space to hold items they are offering for sale.

“When I decided to publish, I gave some thought to how I wanted to advertise, maintain, promote and sell my works. I quickly decided against working with a vanity press, which require the writer to pay to produce copies of the books, and which also require a large print run that must be paid for up front. I also knew that inventory storage could pose a problem, because sometimes authors have works that don’t sell immediately, and that could lead to items being in storage for months, taking up space, as well as being revenue inefficient” said Yakel. “I didn’t want to get frustrated and bogged down with those issues. Instead, I knew that I wanted a way to have my book inventory managed so that they only existed after they were purchased and paid for. This way, I wouldn’t have to waste storage space or expend any extra up front dollars, and it would give my readers the newest and best produced copies available.”

For Yakel, the solution came rather quickly. He reviewed a number of publishing options, and decided to self-publish with Lulu.com. “With self-publishing,” Yakel said, “you have control over your entire work, and I think this allows for a more vested interest in making how your writing career develops.” Lulu.com is a North Carolina technology company that specializes in print-on-demand (POD) technology, printing single copies of books, CDs, DVDs and other items only when the customer pays for them.

Yakel found Lulu’s print-on-demand tools to be exactly suited to his needs. So much so that he has completed three books, and published all of them with Lulu. He said his works are geared toward a wide audience. He describes two of his books as ‘serious’ genealogy works. The JACKEL, JECKEL, JAECKEL, IEKEL, YAKEL Family History Book (March 2005, ISBN 1-4116-2715-6) is a family chronology, tracing more than 350 years of Rheinish ancestry. The Autograph Memories of Mary Yakel (December 2004, ISBN 1-4116-2101-8) details the 19th century memoir of his grand aunt. His third effort, The Legend of Juggin Joe (March 2005, ISBN 1-4116-2588-9) is a ‘country boy comedy / melodrama’ written in a corresponding country dialogue. He calls this one a ‘real hoot’ that lends itself to the wilder side of his persona, and recommends it to those with a sense of humor, or anyone in need of one. “It’s rated G, for Great”, said Yakel, “and suitable for the young and old. Laughter has no age limit.”

With Lulu.com’s technology, Yakel is able to forgo the usual boxes of copies of his books. Instead, he simply waits for orders to come in, has Lulu print fresh copies, which are then shipped directly to his customers. “I don’t need to have lots of copies on hand other than those I may want for local promotion,” said Yakel, “and the best part is that I am not stuck with loads of books that I might otherwise have to pay for up front, but not sell immediately.”

“This is an excellent union between myself and Lulu”, said Yakel. “Every time my books sell, we both share in the mutual benefits of this business relationship. My published works are available to a worldwide audience, with virtually a few clicks of a mouse, and I don’t need to worry about storage, maintenance, or anything else that distracts me from my writing” he continued, and added, “When I think of how many other writers are wasting their energy and resources with books that sit in storage, I can’t help but think that POD technologies, like Lulu, are going to be the future of what traditional book publishers now claim as their major market share.”

About the author: Joseph Yakel is a freelance writer and author of three books. In print since 1998, Joe has written on a wide variety of topics, including genealogy, electronics technology, leadership and military history. His articles have appeared in publications such as OGS Genealogy News, Communications Technology, The Pipeline, and Army Reserve Magazine, and have been highlighted on USAR Online, and numerous other Internet websites. For more information on his works, visit http://www.lulu.com/yakel For author interviews.

Baby Steps To Writing Success

Baby Steps To Writing Success
by: Angela Booth

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Summary: Take baby seteps to writing success. One step after another, and you’re a success, right now.

Category: Writing

Words: 450

Baby Steps To Writing Success

Copyright © 2003 by Angela Booth

After a lifetime’s worth of writing, I can file these baby steps
under the “wish I’d known when I started” category. They’re
vital. If you follow them, not only will you be successful at
writing at some time in the future, you’ll be successful right

=> One: Write every day Writers write. That’s all. And they write
every day, just like plumbers fix taps and electricians wire
houses. Writers write.

It’s a process. You can outline and plan your writing all you
want, but at some stage, every day, you must sit down and write.

=> Two: Pay attention to what you love

You’ll write best about what you love. So take note of the things
you love. Make a list. Don’t ever think that no one else is
interested in what turns you on. Enthusiasm is contagious.

=> Three: It’s the journey…

Beware of fantasies like: “When this is published”, “when I get
an agent”, “when I hold my first book in my hand”.

When your fantasies come true, and after the warm glow wears off,
you won’t feel all that different (in fact, you won’t feel any
different) to the way you feel right now. (I hope I’m not
trampling your favourite fantasy into dust.)

Take comfort from this: the joy is in the journey, in the
writing. When your fantasy comes true, the glow will last for a
short time. What lasts longer, is your memory of the pleasure the
writing brought you, while you were writing.

So since the joy of writing is your takeaway, take that joy right
now. It’s yours already.

=> Four: Be courageous: submit your work

The final baby step is submitting your work. Consider yourself a
success as soon as you’ve submitted your work. You don’t have any
control over whether someone buys it, but you do have control
over the submission process.

There’s only one guarantee: if you keep writing and keep
submitting, sooner or later you will sell your work.

What happens then? You repeat Steps One, Two, Three, and Four.
See? It’s just baby steps. Start stepping!

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Veteran multi-published author and copywriter Angela Booth crafts
words for your business — words to sell, educate or persuade.
E-books and e-courses on Web site. FREE ezines for writers and
small biz: http://www.digital-e.biz/

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